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Super Fishing 2


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This is one very realistic fishing game with all the spools and bait you need. There are missions in this game and you need to open all the locations on the map so you can fish on the most beautiful places on the world. But,in order to finish a level on the location and open a new location on the map you need to complete the mission. In some missions you just need to catch 3 fishes, but the further you go on the map the missions will get more tough.

In the Miami canal you just need to catch 3 fishes to open the next fishing place, the Lakehouse. In lakehouse you fish from the boat. In the Miami canal after catching 2 fishes you can buy a better lire and catch bigger fishes with the classic spool. In the lakehouse you need to buy a new lure, flies, and catch soome fish with it. Every level is harder and harder and the lures change, the fish are different and bigger. Try it out yourself. Use your mouse to play.